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Customers who pay the Mersey Tunnel Toll by debit or credit card in our toll lanes are able to obtain a card payment receipt via this website. Receipts are available for viewing and downloading up to 6 months after your journey. To request a receipt, please have your card payment details available and click here. (For customers paying by mobile devices (Apple or Android) receipts will be available through your provider).

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The quick and convenient way to travel
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Make your journey cheaper and quicker

T-FLOW – a more convenient way to pay

T-FLOW is a video tolling system that reads your vehicle’s registration as you approach the toll lane. Register for an account and, providing your account is in credit, the barrier will automatically be raised so that you can pass through almost without stopping. The toll fee will be deducted from your T-FLOW account.

T-FLOW is available for all vehicle classes and removes the need for cash. You can check how much you spend and keep track of the journeys you have made via our online account management system. You can pay by monthly Direct Debit, spreading the cost evenly throughout the year, or make a top up payment via debit/credit card as and when you need to. With T-FLOW you pay only for the journeys that you make, if you do not use all of your credit it will be carried forward to the next month. You can cancel your T-FLOW account at any time .

T-FLOW is the most convenient way to pay for your journeys through the Mersey Tunnels, see our Tolls Fees and Charges.

How much will you save?

T-FLOW is the quick and easy way to travel through Mersey Tunnels and make full use of the benefits that the scheme provides; including T-FLOW Only Lanes to help reduce queue time at the toll plaza and detailed online statements providing a history of journeys made.

Try our quick savings calculator to see if you may also benefit from savings by using T-FLOW.

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