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Carriage of Dangerous Goods

This document gives guidance for the restrictions in place relating to the transit of dangerous goods through the Mersey Tunnels.

Mersey Tunnels have been classified as category D tunnels under the ADR regulations (see classifications in table 1 below). It is the direct responsibility of the haulier to comply with the ADR regulations.

Rules for the transportation of dangerous goods by road are contained within publications by ADR (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Roads and can be accessed via

Restrictions table

Table 2 below provides an up to date list of the 24 substances most commonly transported through the Mersey Tunnels and indicates any restrictions in place.

If you have any queries regarding this or are wishing to transport dangerous goods which are not included in the table please see for details of the category alternatively contact Mersey Tunnels Police on 0300 3000 999 (recorded line) for clarification Any vehicle that is conveying a substance covered by the ADR Regulations must stop at the designated Police Declaration points prior to entering the Mersey Tunnels and the driver is to declare to Mersey Tunnels Police the nature and quantity of that substance.

For the avoidance of doubt failure to declare is a contravention of the Mersey Tunnels Byelaws and the driver may be reported and summonsed for contravening Section 7 of the Mersey Tunnels Byelaws (Dangerous Goods, Vehicles or Containers.

Image of the common transported substances table

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