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Welcome to Mersey Tunnels
Fast Tag scheme - the convenient way to travel through Mersey Tunnels
  • A more convenient way to travel - no more queuing for change, no need to carry cash. Budget for all your journeys through the Tunnel with one monthly payment - and receive a discount on all journeys in the process!!
  • Please note, to apply for a Fast Tag via our website, you will be required to complete a Direct Debit Instruction. In order to do this, you must be the bank account holder. The bank account must not require two or more signatures for approval, and you must be an approved signatory. You will also be required to make a one off payment via a debit or credit card before your application can be processed.
  • Please have your bank details (shown on your cheque book) and debit/credit card available before progressing with your Fast Tag application.
  Apply for a New Fast Tag Account
If you are not able to apply on line, or if you are not the approved signatory for a bank account, please download and print the Application Form and the Direct Debit Instruction. Once completed, please return via the post to Mersey Tunnels.
Existing Customers
  Add Funds to your Fast Tag Account
  Account Management
  Amend Your Direct Debit details
  Tag Management
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